Holiday Models Convention Services



Founded in 1957 by former advertising executive Scott Griffith, Holiday Models Convention Services pioneered the concept of using "beautiful people" in the trade show industry.  Realizing the opportunity to maximize marketing efforts generated at national conventions through the use of models, Holiday Models Convention Services quickly set the standard for providing the best talent in the business. The executives of Fortune 500 companies began requesting assistance in other areas such as VIP entertainment, coordination services with licensed transportation companies, restaurant reservations, room accommodations and corporate event planning during citywide convention sell out time frames. This is when Holiday Convention Service Group was formed.

Today, the company continues to provide all of the services required to create successful and memorable tradeshows, meetings, and corporate events. The founder's daughter, Kami Griffith Oisboid, is continuing the legacy that her father has left behind. As in 1957, the company's goal is to "make miracles happen". Our creative team plan on seeing that goal realized for generations to come.